A simheuristic algorithm to set up starting times in the stochastic parallel flowshop problem

الگوریتم Simureistic برای تنظیم زمان شروع در مسئله جریان موازی تصادفی

This paper addresses the parallel flowshop scheduling problem with stochastic processing times, where a product composed of several components has to be finished at a particular moment. These components are processed in independent parallel factories, and each factory can be modeled as a permutation flowshop. The processing time of each operation at each factory is a random variable following a given probability distribution. The aim is to find the robust starting time of the operations at each factory in a way that all the components of the product are completed on a given deadline with a user-defined probability. A simheuristic algorithm is proposed in order to minimize each of the following key performance indicators: (i) the makespan in the deterministic version; and (ii) the expected makespan or a makespan percentile in the stochastic version. A set of computational experiments are carried out to illustrate the performance of the proposed methodology by comparing the outputs under different levels of stochasticity.

نویسندگان: Sara Hatami, Laura Calvet, Victor Fernández-Viagas, José M Framiñán, Angel A.Juan

ژورنال: Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory

سال انتشار: 2018


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