Biocompatible and electroconductive polyaniline-based biomaterials for electrical stimulation

مواد بیولوژیک بیولوژیک و الکترومغناطیسی مبتنی بر پلیانیلن برای تحریک الکتریکی

Polyaniline (PANI) involved materials have extended approved applications in different fields, including bio/chemical-sensors, electrical and electrochemical devices, electrochemically active membranes and stimuli-responsive systems. These materials have attracted most of the interest in the field of development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery systems. PANI offers remarkable features such as the ease of synthesis, considerable electrical conductivity especially in the doped condition, simplicity in the modification to improve water processability and enhanced biocompatibility. An engineered PANI-based biomaterial can be applied in the process named the stimulation (ES), in which cells cultured on the prepared biomaterial can be electrically stimulated. The ES mimics the native role of bioelectricity and affects the cellular behavior. The main focus of this review is on the electrical conductivity and stimulation using biocompatible advanced PANI-based materials, documenting and discussing the relevant literature and providing key information and new insights into ES.


نویسندگان: Yaser Arteshi, Ayuob Aghanejad, Soodabeh Davaran, Yadollah Omidi

ژورنال: European Polymer Journal

سال انتشار: 2018


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